How many people just can’t stand their MIL? She is making my life hell 😭 No appreciation, no support , and she is just being over dramatic. She expects me to keep calling her every day so that she can see her granddaughter. Is it fair to have any expectation when I’m struggling in my life with my own things. 😭 My baby is just 2 months old now. Tell me if I’m overthinking
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My husband's family live in Canada and so his Mum is always calling, wanting to see her grandchild. I don't mind at all since his family is unable to be here (we live in Australia) so I encourage the facetimes. My MIL does try to insert her opinions several times but my husband is quick to stop her, I know she means well so it doesn't upset me but my husband doesn't like it and reminds her that we are the parents and he will raise his daughter, his way.

Mine just enjoys my baby when she’s playing but one cry and it’s like she’s the worst little thing on the planet. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s never had girls and always makes comments about how boys are soooo much better. 😒

When I was in newborn phase I would just ignore her calls and text her later that I was napping with baby. But we were also in different time zones

THIS. I’m in a constant battle of being completely neglected by my OH’s family to the point I literally do not want to be around them

I totally agree with Aynicka, my MIL was the same, but after few week I just blocked her😅 I'm not so patient with nobody, if she makes you feel hell just block her, even if for some hour ,it will make you feel better, belive me

You’re not overthinking! Instead of her asking you to call everyday she should call you and ask how you’re doing and if you need anything. Grandparents get so over involved with wanting to show off their grandkids that they are neglecting the person that made the grandchildren

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