Urgent growth scan after reduced movement

So i’m 38+5, I went in for reduced movements and all was good thankfully! But they have ordered me an urgent growth scan, they didn’t give any details on why though. Is this normal??
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I have the same too!! I went in Saturday with reduced movements and luckily everything was fine 🙏🏼 but they brought my next growth scan forward to this Saturday as they wanted it sooner. I was hoping it was just normal protocol which it looks like it is 🥰❤️ xx (I’m 37+5 today) xx

Thank you everyone, just needed the reassurance🥰xx

yeahh i have the same on thursday for the same reason xx

Normal because of how many weeks you are x

Yes it’s normal and just because of how far along you are

The same happened with me, went in with reduced movements on Thursday and had a scan today and everything was fine 😊 think it’s just for reassurance so close to due date

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