Stomach pain in toddler

Alright mom's I need help with this one. My son is 2 and has been telling me for a few weeks now that his tummy hurts. It's wasn't all the time at first and because he is still eating and pooping I wasn't worried. He eats pretty good normally, but lately doesn't want to now because his tummy hurts. He will still eat some of his favorites and there are meals when he's not saying that. He's still pooping everyday. Last week he started saying it was hurting more and more so over the weekend I started him on toddler probiotics. He had some big poops and I hoped that was it, but he is still saying his tummy hurts and now it's pretty much every meal every day. He has a doctor's appointment for next week. I'm keeping track of what he's eating, but what could this be? Any ideas or things I should ask the Dr? While eating he will kinda grunt or fuss and scrunch his face in pain but when I ask what's wrong he says nothing, or if I ask why he does it he says cause I want to. I don't think he fully can communicate what's going on 😕
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My kid had the same persistent complaint and she was super consitpated. Apparently even if your kid poops daily they can still be super backed up. Doc confirmed with X-ray

My daughter did this and even didn't tell me for awhile. It turned out she had a uti. I know ppl don't automatically think this with boys but they can get it too. She had normal eating and pooping so I thought she was doing it for attention but when they're little they can't really tell where the pain is exactly coming from so their tummy could be associated with kidney pain too. Not positive this is what's going on with your little one just giving insight on what happened when my daughter did this to me. I hope you find out what it is soon!!

@Raimonda 🌻 no stinky farts, he does seem to burp a lot. I'll keep track of everything

Keep food diary. Possible is gluten 🤔 Stinky farts?

Am not even sure am going to the doctor in morning, cause he’s saying he’s head is sore too

@Angi J what should we do

Omg am having the same issue with my 3 yr old

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