Anyone else’s baby a shorty?

So the health visitor came today for the first time since around 8 months old. I asked her to measure my son because although I don’t think he’s short, when I see pictures of him with his nursery friends they all seem to tower above him!! She measured him and said he’s on the 25th centile for length and said that is classed as short lol. I’m confused because my partner is just over 6ft and so was my dad and my partners dad too. I phoned my MIL and she said that my partner was short until he hit puberty then grew to 6 foot overnight lol. Just wondering if anyone’s baby is the same?? I know I shouldn’t feel sad but I was just a bit shocked today when she said Yep he’s short 🙈🙈😂
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My toddler is very tall, in his class he’s the tallest looks like a 3 years old. But our family is short and no way he can be the only tall one. So I guess size at this age doesn’t matter

My LB is a shortie too. I'm only 5'1 myself and my husband is 5'4. We were both small as babies and kids. My LB was born on the 0.4th percentile for weight and is now on the 4th percentile for weight. He's currently 79.5cm in height which I've just worked out is 8.3 percentile. Every child is different but doesn't mean anything as long as they are healthy xx

Thanks girls! This is good to hear, especially because I think he’s the shortest in his class and I keep seeing posts about long babies. OMG Michelle that’s unbelievable about your 13 year old! It must feel funny now your boy is taller than you 🙈❤️! Xx

Mine is dinky! 2nd centile for height and weight. Which is funny because I'm tall for a woman (5ft 9) and his dad is 6ft 5 🙈 My 13 year old is already 5ft 10 aswell! If he's out walking people go "aww he's too little to walk" I have to say.. he's 18 months 😂 xx

My son is in the 25th as well, but not surprisingly since his dad is 5’8 and I’m 5’3

My little girl is 18months and has always been between the 2nd and 9th centile for height since she was born 🙈 had to go for 4 weekly checks till she was 6months old 🤣 but I wouldn't say she looks massively small compared to other kids, it's only a matter of cm between centiles and can easily have big growth spurts!

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