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I’ve struggled with health anxiety since before I was pregnant and was medicated for general anxiety but stopped taking these while pregnant. Since having my little girl I’ve been spiralling constantly. I’m convinced there’s something wrong with her, for example she slept an excessive amount today so I just cried when my boyfriend got home as id convinced myself something terrible is wrong. I’d taken her temperature about 10 times. I’m also constantly panicking about her breathing and I’m obsessed with RSV and her getting poorly. I’m not sure what I’m looking for, maybe hope it’ll get better?
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Would you consider maybe going back on the medication? What one were you taking out of interest

@Karly 🙋 I’ve just taken some this evening and decided to start back on it. I’m taking Citalopram.

I feel like I could have written this. I’m sorry you’re struggling. I went on to meds when my LG was 6 weeks old as health anxiety (mainly hers) was causing me to experience at least 4 panic attacks a day. I would say get back on your meds. It gives an overactive mind time to breathe. Also I found that if I found myself starting to spiral, running my wrists under cold water would bring me back to the present and back from ‘what if’ land x

I’ve been offered Setraline (Zoloft) but I’m too scared to take it 🥹

I also feel like this is absolutely something I could have written myself My baby got sick at 5 weeks from my 3 year old I had about 2 panic attacks a day and with flu/rsv season and a toddler I’m constantly stressed 😫


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