Setraline (Zoloft)

Hi does anyone on here take Setraline? Can you tell me how you find it? I’m scared to start due to hearing about horrendous side effects!
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I am on 100mg and I feel like it’s doing nothing for me 😔. I just had my first therapy session since giving birth 4 months ago. And we both agreed I need to try something different. I am hoping my pcp will put me on something else even though I got this through my ob at my 6 week postpartum check up. She won’t prescribed me anything. So at this point idk what to do.

@Alex I’m on 50mg

@Alana okay so I have been taking this for a week and been yawning non stop 😂😂😂

What dose has everyone started with ?

Hi I’ve tried a couple of antidepressants and the higher dose of sertraline has helped me.

Talk to your OB, they have all the postpartum experience your GP doesn’t have. Mine prescribed me Sertraline and we upped it at a 4 week check in, I feel happy again, I have normal new mama anxieties vs literally losing sleep worrying over everything, it nearly ruined my relationship. If you can’t get in to see your OB, tell them to pass onto your doc that you’re struggling with PPD or PPA and they should be able to squeeze you in, I hope it gets better for you ♥️

I am taking it and have been for the last 3 months. First few days I felt really tired and nauseous for a few hours after taking it. Those side effects settled after about a week. I also thought my anxiety got worse for about 10 days and then got progressively better. My doctor reassessed at 4 weeks and upped my dose to 100mg from 50. I found that I had some minor side effects again but no where near what it had been like the first time. It really has helped me

Hi, I take it. I felt a little sick the first couple of days and for some reason kept yawning lol (apparently that’s an actual thing with it) but that only lasted a day or two. I’m on quite a high dose and have been for roughly 10 weeks and honestly it’s been great for me. Feel so much more like myself x

I take it. I felt nauseous when I first started but it soon passed and it’s really helpful for me!

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