I have a 3 year old with autism (not diagnosed yet) and since she’s turned 3 I’ve had nothing problems with her, hitting,kicking,biting,no sleep for days until she gives up and actually falls asleep, the nursery she goes to want to have a meeting because she’s disturbing all the other kids what can I do to help her as she doesn’t listen or communicate so I can’t really tell her off as she laughs
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Is she on a waiting list for a diagnosis? Or maybe is the meeting about getting her on the waiting list? They might even be able to help you in giving advice, or where to get it. We went to our local social services who sent out a family support worker who has helped us with older child (step son age 10 now)who is both autistic and adhd, they have groups running for parents to swap advice and get support needed for any age. Some are even online, to speak to someone qualified who can help you at home. Honestly, I couldn't fault their support they gave us! Simply amazing help! We still have family support worker for our 3.5 year old (his health issues since birth and some delays with speech and toilet training etc which i needed help with since being pregnant again with my own health issues newly diagnosed). If you choose to reach out to your local social services to have a family support worker, you can tell your child's nursery you have plans so it'll show them you're aware of what's happening.

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