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Can anyone recommend a decent and reasonably priced electric breast pump? Is it worth getting a double pump? I've heard my local children's centres rent them out however I think I'd prefer to have my own so I can leave for when my partner feeds. Baby due March
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I bought mine on Temu Tried it before i got pregnant with my second nd I love it It was £34 On Amazon it’s £54 each It’s also wireless and honestly worth it

@Marvel seems like a good price for wireless. Can you recommend a specific one? Do you have the link?

Mom cozy m5 pumps

@Farrah https://share.temu.com/kAT6nB9ZE5A

@Farrah that’s the link It’s a bit cheaper now One piece is £11 at the moment And I’d advice to order now as they get discontinued for a while nd it might be hard to find agaun

Momcozy S9 hands free is great. I got a double set on Vinted for a decent price. They tend to go on Vinted for about £30 for a single and £50 for double as far as I remember.

Pippetta - wireless and perfect. Used for 2 years and no issues. Not too loud, can use it in the office

I would recommend to hold off buying one, with my son I didn’t pump a drop. You can get a natural milk collector called a hakka (I believe) which collects the let down off the breast you aren’t feeding off, they are very inexpensive and great to collect milk in the early weeks & beyond.

I loved my pippetta pumps

We got the Medela one - same brand they use in hospitals. We bought it second hand and just bought new tubes for it.. so saved a TONNE of money. But also, I only used for a little bit as I just found doing bottles and breastfeeding to be too stressful. So ditched the bottles and just exclusively breastfed. My son was happier and I was too!! So might be worth holding off buying one and decide what you want to do. Also the Hakka breast pump is really cheap and can collect milk on the other side whilst feeding (it's definitely a pump though, so don't confuse it with a collection cup)

@Ellie @Farrah they do Hakka brand collection cups, they're ladybirds!

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