Good morning my beautiful women I desperately need some advice so I'm 41 and I am currently on estrogen pills My period hasn't been regular since I was 30 and it's starting to cause some side effects which I am getting light-headed dizzy but I am so so convinced that I need to take them so that way I ovulate and that my body starts training to be normal well I'm kind of keeping it from my husband the pills and I have very good friends of mine that are telling me I need to stop taking them and I need to just naturally let things happen I am a woman of God and a very faith believer so in your guys's opinion what do you think I should do because in the past yes I've let this become a obsession and I'm battling between the two do I allow my body to just be normal and do its womanly duties or do I "force" what should naturally be done?
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I think you joined my new group recently hun, I’m actively on there so feel free to use it, TTC in your 40’s. Have you tried Concieve Plus Ovulation Support? It’s designed to help your cycle so your period and ovulation is regular again. My friend took it and it’s fixed her irregularly problem it’s literally a miracle supplement. I think rather than take the pills you have these would be much safer ❤️

I'm guessing you have been put on estrogen pills by your doctors to help make your period regular and ovulating. If they are making you feel like that, you need to talk to your GP. I can never put myself in your shoes, but if I was given these by my GP to help regulate my body and help myself get pregnant, then I carry on but keep an eye on any side effects and chat to my GP. To me, it's not "forcing" my body. It's helping my body xx

@Laura 🌻 I truly appreciate you hun and no I actually haven't try those yet I do and have tried many other supplements you know that hasn't been working so I'm going to take a look and see I truly feel that I am doing this to better myself cuz I don't want to be at the end of the day saying if I would have tried something maybe that would have worked so I'm in the point in my life or I'm trying anything it's only certain days that I feel dizzy and I'm trying to adjust it with sublimating healthy things you know and I do appreciate your time thank you

@Kirsty Thank you so much hun I appreciate your opinion and I'm just going to keep doing what I feel's best for me and I will talk to my doctors and see maybe that's a small side effect and it's not every day as I was telling the last girl it's just sometimes and it's not worse or better it's just a not good feeling you know but I am going to do everything that I feel I need to what God's help and to bless me with a baby I don't want to have them what ifs or those regrets at the end of the day when something doesn't happen you know Thank you for sharing

No, I can totally understand that you don't want the ifs or regret. I had a chemical pregnancy last November, I questioned everything: What if I did this or did I do something I shouldn't have, but knowing my body saw something that wasn't right with the pregnancy. I have all the tests that I can have at the moment, have come back all ok. I'm just letting my body tell me before I start doing ovulation tests next month xx

No problem at all lovely. I agree to talk to your GP, no harm in trying concieve plus too as it may just help you. Again, discuss it with them and get their option. There are 2 forms of Concieve Plus, you have the fertility one and the Ovulation support, I would suggest the last one to help your cycle. You may be low on iron too? Would be good to get your levels checked xx

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