Boy or girl? I appreciate your guesses!

In this scan picture, my baby was 13+1. Finding out the gender on Saturday and I can't wait. Another pic in the comments 😆♥️🥹
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Girl x


@Mel how do you know??? I'm rubbish at this! What are you looking at haha? Xx

Ooo were the same hospital 🥰 I think looks girl 💗

I think boy!

I am leaning for to girl

@Abbie me too. Heard good things about the maternity ward xx


@Katie the shape of the skull for me, that’s usually what I base my guesses off of, my little boys scan was more of a ‘boxy’ shaped skull and then girls seem more round but could be wrong 🫣 xx

@SLJ I used to work at the hospital and it is a fab hospital. I have a lot experience with their early pregnancy unit who are amazing


@Abbie that’s amazing. I’ve been under their fertility clinic for a year now and they’ve been amazing. Also under epu had my first scan at 6+3 and got another in three weeks which I didn’t expect. Don’t have symptoms of being pregnant so nice to have reassurance xx

Coming back to this… what was the answer??

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