Progesterone level after fresh transfer

I am in 2WW but already had a positive test and did a blood test privately to check my progesterone levels. It came back at 64.8 nmol/L (=20.37ng/mL). My fertility clinic said: You had a fresh transfer with us and we only monitor progesterone levels for frozen cycles. We therefore do not have a benchmark for what this would be in a fresh cycle. So they don’t have a benchmark and won’t increase my dose. Please help me to understand if that progesterone level is good to maintain a fresh transfer? What numbers your fertility clinics wanted to see post fresh transfer? Thanks!
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I don’t know what the benchmark is but I just had a fresh transfer and prior to treatment my progesterone levels were VERY low and when they did my pregnancy test my progesterone was 104 which they said was “really good” I’m not sure that helps at all but all the best xx

@Stephanie do you know the pre-transfer level? And what progesterone (name&dose) are you taking post transfer?

Before treatment started it was 0.5 at the start of my cycle and then day 21 of my cycle it only went up to 4.7. I’m taking Utrogestan 600mg per day - 3 pessaries a day. I started taking them the day of my egg retrieval.

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