Undigested food in poo help (photo)

Apologies for the pic, but I really need to know if that’s normal or is it something to worry about. My LO has been having an unexplained diarrhea on and off since starting nursery. Every time it happens I keep finding what looks like his entire meal in his nappy afterwards. It’s obvious he didn’t chew the food at all and just swallowed it. I am wondering if that could be the cause of his “unexplained” loose stools. He chews food fine at home, but is fussy and won’t eat veg or meat, which he eats at the nursery (seems like without any chewing though). Does anyone have a similar problem?
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Hmmm 🤔 I feel like it should have been digested once in stomach. I would contact HV to ask or GP

I’m thinking maybe it’s a fast eater. Maybe only give small amount at one time and reinforce messages chew all gone before swallowing.

Thank you for replies 🙏 @Mila we did a stool sample and are waiting for results now. @Melissa I think you are right, I am not sure how to fix it though, because it happens in the nursery so I have no control over how fast he eats and if chewing is encouraged. I flagged it a couple of times to the staff already and it seemed to have gotten better for a week or two, but now back to this :( I don’t know if he is constantly hungry there or what the problem is because he doesn’t do it at home.

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