I just want to stop crying! 😔

I really just want to stop feeling like I have a knife in my heart! I honestly don't know how some of you have done ivf 4/5/6 times. I've done it twice and it hurts so much! I just feel sick with emotion.
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I've done it once (one IUI before this) and I also feel like someone put a knife in my heart. Give yourself time in between attempts, do things non-ivf related if you can, speak to a therapist, let those around you support you. It's still painful but those things ease the heartache for me. Also, remember it's not your fault. There is barely anything you can do to influence whether it's successful or not. It's a game of chance. Whilst this can be scary after so much investment, it can also relieve the pressure of doing it 'right'. Sending you strength. You will get there xx

It is so shit. That is the only thing to say. I am so sorry for your loss. So few people understand the hurt of a failed transfer and you feel like you have to just get on with life which seems so unfair when you are hurting so badly. I really hope you get your miracle. It will all be worth it then. All I can say is. I am now grateful my first transfer didn't work or I wouldn't have the baby I have now. I never thought I would feel like that at the time. X

I’m sorry you are going through this, it is so extremely hard. We did two egg collections and 5 transfers for us to get success. Lots of protocol changes and a couple of surgeries for me in between it all. We are lucky that it helped us bring home our baby. I had some very dark days and the things that helped me were allowing myself to have hope - it is brave to do but the times I allowed hope in were more enjoyable that the times I had no hope, even when the outcome was negative. Your clinic should provide counselling and I would highly recommend it - it gave me an outlet and some really good coping mechanisms. I hope you find a way through this xx

My dear same feelings . It’s damn hard

It's never easy. Just try and look at it this way. You will be one step closer to tryi g again and can try a new process of meds see if that works. My Dr also told me it's better it didn't work out now then 3 or 4 months down the track.

It will hurt for sometime you never get over it.

It really is shit I’m sorry this is happening to you 😓. Having had 4 ivfs, 1 loss, 4 years of infertility, 1 surgery, 6 failed letrozole cycles and still no where closer I can only just say you do get through these dark days even though it doesn’t seem it right now. It takes time but holding on to hope is the only thing that gets me through it and knowing one day it will happen. It’s not easy, but you do get stronger and more resilient. Take time to heal, I hope you find a way to see the light xx sending love

I feel the same, on my 3rd round now & I think it gets harder everytime. To the point where I’m struggling to put myself through it all over again. Only just started to feel normal after my failed transfer in September. Gearing myself up to go through it again in January x

We just went to the clinic yesterday and have decided to do ivf in February. Just the meeting and the thought of starting it makes me feel sick. It is all so overwhelming 😭

True exactly me too going for second round

My heart is breaking for you. This is the worst nightmare anyone can imagine living. I hope you’ll find some time to take a break and do something just for you, no matter how small or silly it may seem. Just know you are not alone x

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