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Hi ladies I recently went to hospital to see the fertility specialist and she is doing a external and internal scan and said I may also need my fallopian tubes checked just wondering if anyone els had this in the past . Sorry if this is posted in the wrong group
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Hi,when I had my check they do aswell my fallopian tubes for see if they are no blocked, they put inside a liquid and then you can see that liquid pass through. They check everything for discard if is any problem. 🙂

Hi - I had an HSG test where they blew dye through my tubes to check for blockages. Very normal test with fertility doctors

Was u both awake when they done it as I'm not good with pain

Is not painful

I've got to have pelvic ans abdominal scan and some bloods lh levels and think it was fsh alswell as thyroid apparently one I get them done I need to let the dr know and she can email me the results of the blood test

Its all to find out if I can have ivf or they said their was another way but they said its harder to get it if I so have a problem as I'm a single women

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