Ovulation tests seem too strong

Had a chemical pregnancy miscarriage which started on 2nd and bleeding stopped by 7th so did an ovulation test (as suggested on premom app) but it looks quite strong and so does the one I did today (8th) can leftover pregnancy hormones affect this? Should I wait longer to start tracking ovulation? Not been in this situation before and Google hasn’t been very helpful
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I tested soon after my chemical and my tests were all over the place. I ended up having a 60 day cycle after my chemical and I found 3 days of very high levels. Keep testing. It doesn’t hurt! We BD’d when I got the high one each time to be safe.

Your body just may take some time to regulate.

Hcg is likely still in your system, most people wait to test 10-14 days from the start of the bleeding I’m sorry for your loss ❤️

I just had a miscarriage in August and my ovulation tests stayed high until I had a negative pregnancy test and then they started to go down. After that they were all over the place for about a month it was very hard to track ovulation.

Thanks for the replies. Okay will keep an eye on it and do some tests in the meantime

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