Looking for positivity… ✨

I’m 10dpt of FET. Tonight I took a cheap test and the result was negative. Beta is on Monday with my clinic. Has anyone tested negative 10dpt and still had a good outcome? We were really hoping this could be our turn 😞 Thank you.
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Stay positive plz.

The latest I tested positive and had a viable pregnancy was 6dpt but I was using a FRER, the cheapies usually aren’t super sensitive tests so it may just not detect it yet. Fingers crossed for your beta.

There’s a lady in my support group that didn’t test positive until 12dpt, her HCG was lower, but she had a healthy pregnancy and has a healthy child now. Stay positive, you could just not have a sensitive test.

@Christin thank you for this ♥️

@𝓨𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓪 thank you for this! ♥️

Have you tested again

@Anaya it was an unsuccessful transfer xx

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