After multiple failed rounds we made to choice to go donor route as my low AMH was a huge factor. Donor had egg retrieval yesterday and we got 14 eggs, wave of excitement. Call today, out of 14 : 6 were mature, out of 6 : 5 fertilized. Not a fan of the number game part of IVF and struggling to remain positive. Won’t get another update until 12/13😫
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I know it's SUPER hard, but try your best! 5 out of 6 fertilizing it's great! I had 11 retrieved, 9 mature, 3 blast,1 PGT normal. I also have very low AMH 0.7, and I'm 36, so I'm sure if I was younger, more would have been normal. I wish you the best of luck with your donor eggs! Stay positive! Remind yourself that it only takes 1!

Thank you for these encouraging words Gianna! These days will seem never ending waiting! Wishing you luck and baby dust on your journey as well!!✨✨

Hey! Don’t lose hope! My donor only gave 6 eggs, all fertilised and we got 4 blasts. Donor eggs are good quality so 5 fertilised is a perfect number to start with.

Thank you for sharing Anni!

It only takes one 🩷

Thank you for your encouraging words Lauren!

Good luck girl! I’m 7 months pregnant after my 3rd transfer with donor eggs ❤️❤️❤️

*update* we have 3 embryos going to freezer!!!!! I have never made it this far in my IVF journey

@Lee G congrats ❤️❤️

Thank you Vee!

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