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Has anyone ever took a test early and it said negative , but later on found out you were pregnant? I’m thinking I’m too early so it’s not detecting but I took a clear blue 6 days sooner test , it’s reading negative but still no cycle and no signs of my cycle like I usually get . I wanna know asap because I have diabetes and I wanna get the right care asap! Help a sister out !
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Try a first response test! I know everyone can be different but that picked up my pregnancy pretty clearly 6 days before my period

I took two 6 days early first response tests which were both negative (but I was adamant I was pregnant because of my symptoms) then took another one two days later and it was positive. I think I was just too early the first time!

Yes! I took the test in April few days before missing my period and it was negative My period then was late 2/3 days so I took another one and it was actually positive!! I’m 37 weeks today 😂😂🤞🏻🤞🏻

Yes happen with my first

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