When do you stop testing?

I know it's negative, but when do I stop checking? I'm only around 13 dpo and have no idea when I'm due my period, my past cycles, my app reckons i was due 7th-9th. I've recently come off birth control, I had my last depo injection on May 19th. I've not had a period since but have done ovulation tests. On November 24th, that was positive in the early morning but then negative by late morning, so I know I ovulated at some point. I know it can take a while after depo, with our first child, we fell pregnant within 10 months of the last injection. Our positive was on around 10 dpo I just wondered how late people got positive results without just relying on when your period comes? Thanks and sorry for such a long post.
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coming off birth control can definitely throw off a person's cycle. I remember not having a period almost 3 months after coming off the depo shot. They say we ovulate around 14 days before our menstral. If your around 13 dpo your menstral should be here any day now or around 14 days after ovulation, which Is different for everyone. If it's still negative I would try testing every 2 days till menstral comes or bfp

Your body can go maximum 16dpo without starting a period, so you’ll be due soon x

When came off depo in Nov 21, I didn't get a period until May 22 so 6 months, then they were really irregular and super long cycles. They stopped again in Dec 22 and didn't come back till May this year, and then again really irregular until Aug which was my 1st normal length period after 20 months from coming off depo. During those irregular months I wasn't tracking ovulation because at the time I just assumed I wouldn't get pregnant until my cycles were normal again. My husband and I just said if it happens it happens, and sadly it didn't so now we're actively TTC with tracking etc but no luck yet. I just thought I'd share this to show how crazy depo can play with our bodies. I wish I never went on it. I only took it for 1 year, used the pill before that with no issues. Keep testing for the next few days and see what happens. If no bfp, then i would recommend tracking your BBT it would help pinpoint your ovulation without periods. Best of luck x

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