Sharp pain in my stomach

I woke up at 5am with really sharp pains in my stomach (Not my belly) like where my ribcage is, its nearly 4 hours later and I've still got the pain. Is it trapped wind or something? Any exercises anyone suggests if it is wind 😅 thanks!
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could be baby’s position? i get rib pain but doesn’t usually last that long! hope it goes soon! x

if it’s on ur right side could be a sign of preeclampsia ? maybe i’m not sure tho

@Cerys It's literally in the middle of my ribcage, my stomach just below breasts. I think my intestines are feeling crushed 😅

I just ate and it hurt more. Think I'm backed up? 😬

Could be heartburn? I just googled it and it said heartburn/indigestion can cause rib pain in pregnancy, could explain why it hurts more after you’ve eaten

if it hurts more after you eat definitely acid reflux/ heartburn

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