What is this?! 😂

My little girl the past few weeks has been doing this scrunched up hissy breathing thing.. anyone know what this is?! She does it when she’s happy when she’s frustrated when she’s eating, pretty much all the time?!
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She’s just learning her face and that she can make sounds! My boy did it to show he was happy, lasted 2 weeks x

Adorable it's adorable

My little boy does this ALL the time when he’s happy, I love it🤣🤣 He does it most when he’s smiling now but it used to be literally 24/7😂

Yes my little one did this too 😂 we called it his snarl 😂

Yes my little girl does the same!! Mainly when she’s happy or excited but we get the odd one where she’s frustrated, only then she’ll go bright red with it 🫣😂

Stop that’s ADORABLE 😭😭❤️

😂😂😂 our daughter does this as well and I honestly thought it was cause she copied the dog as she’s started sticking her tongue out and panting now but I’m glad it’s not from that lol

My little one does this. It’s so cute! I love it

My little one does exactly the same thing!! We think it's so cute and funny 🤣

I mean... its cute... definitely 😍

Omg our son does this too!! 😂😂 we call it his scrunch face, he looks like a little pig when he does it.

My LG does this and we thought it was because of her teeth 😂

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