Best toys to reduce screen time?

Realised I rely way too much on screen time for my son so looking for possible Xmas gifts to help reduce it
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He’s almost 4

Leap frog toys

We've tried a Yoto music player but Alex doesn't really get it or want to play with it on his own yet. He sees it as direct competition with story time from us so will always choose us. Thats sweet but sometimes it'd be nice if he'd sit and listen to a story for a bit while I make dinner. Yours might get it more as he's older though!

@Caroline I haven’t heard of that I’ll look it up. He absolutely loves music but forces me to dance with him. I was having to tango to Murder on the Dancefloor with his paw patrol toys yesterday. My little boy does no independent play anymore it’s either tv, or I have to be there playing with him :( which obviously isn’t always possible

@Aiza yes I have the story reading thing in my Amazon basket but I don’t know anybody that has one

Tonies box

My daughter loves anything that she can pretend and imagine with, so play kitchen, toy sink, tea set, toy hoover, pretend shop and till, dressing up things….. she imagines all day! Lego and magna tiles also hold her attention for quite a while.

Seconding Lego and magnatiles! We've also got mathlink cubes which my son is obsessed with. They came as part of a numberblocks (bbc show 🫠) set but he uses them for all sorts of things. He made them all into little robots and was playing with them in his dolls house yesterday.

@Lisa I know you’ve said you didn’t do screen time till she was 2, that’s probably why she’s got such great imagination! I’d love Renn to play dress up or play shop independently

Things you can use over and over and over like colouring and crafts, Lego or blocks, sand or playdoh, costumes or cars. Play with him for a bit then give him a little task while you're playing so you can step away for a little. Come back when you see him losing interest and play some more then repeat lol I also just like to include my son in what I'm doing. So he'll put all the cutlery away while I do the plates and cups or he'll wipe the sink in the bathroom while I clean the toilet. Hold the dustpan for me and take it to the garbage. These things get him super excited and more than willing to step away from the tv

@Lydia we also didn't do screen time until two but Alex looooooves TV 🫠

@Caroline oh hahaha I was feeling guilty😂😭 yesterday he said he didn’t want to go to nursery because they won’t let him watch a video😶

I spent £60 on duplo. Best investment ever x

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