First pregnancy

I just got my first positive test last night and then this morning. Natural cycles suggests that my ovulation was 26th November, so that would make me 1-2 weeks and that’s what my digital clear blue test says as well. My little sticks aren’t as clear. Is that normal? I guess I am just super worried about a chemical pregnancy. Anyone feeling the same? Any advice would be welcome! I’ll be ringing the doctors on Monday😇
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I get my first scan monday

Congratulations! Is this the first strip test you have done/had come back positive? Or have you any fainter/ earlier ones? I’m in a similar boat, have only take strips and had a few vvvvvf lines. I’m worried they aren’t progressing at all. I think your line looks good xx

I did a first response rapid test that almost instantly had positive lines. Then I did that this morning along with a clear blue

I have done 10 they all 2 lines

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