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My gorgeous chunk has a head tilt. The doc says he doesn’t have torticollis as he can turn his head to both sides. She said his head should straighten up as his neck got stronger. He was checked about 2-3m ago and he’s 6m soon and I haven’t seen an improvement in his tilt. The photo is perhaps a slight exaggeration but it’s hard to capture it in pictures. However it does tilt to that side and in that position. He sleeps on both sides of his head and can look from left to right with ease. Just his chin points to the side! Those with more experience, is this something that will correct itself in time? Should I speak with HV or GP again? I’m already thinking of chatting with the HV as the GP let me down last time
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My son had a tilt and was able to turn both ways and they said it was torticollis we’ve been to PT and osteo for months. And now you can’t tell at all that he even had it. We did lots of stretches at home with his neck and lots of rotational games to have him rotate a lot! I would talk to someone else just because his age rn is great as he’s not fully moving like crazy (possibly) .. I found it hard once my son was on the go to do the PT cause he couldn’t stay still luckily I had started before that came . And plus a second opinion never hurts.. trust your gut and what you feel !!

https://kidsplus.com/parent-resources/doctors-notes/infant-torticollis-stretching-techniques/ it won’t hurt to do stretches just in case! PT is good for babies regardless of torticollis just to help their range of motion & get their bodies moving

@Shaynah thank you for this. This was the nudge I needed to get a second opinion! Going to chat with HV tomorrow ☺️ what age did you start with your son?

@Kelly this is great thank you! Going to begin implementing these movements into our day ☺️ good point too, you never think they’d ever need it but it makes sense

I would take him to physical therapy, make sure they specialize in torticollis 🙂

@Helen how is your little one doing now? Mine is going to be 6 months soon and has a head tilt similar to yours and can turn his head both sides no issues.

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