My little guy is 11 months and turns 1 year old on January 9th. I found out he has torticollis and plagiocephaly at the end of his 8 months (late, I know). I was clueless and had never known about torticollis. Anyway, I started going to physiotherapy every week since. He was not rolling or sitting when I started but is now at the development of a 7 month old maybe because he rolls but he tends to only do it one way and he sits now almost unassisted but he does not crawl or walk unfortunately. My physiotherapist says she assumes he will start around 15 months or so. He still has his neck tilted even though I do exercises daily that they have shown me. I am wondering if there's anyone with a similar situation or maybe has gone through it. Sorry for the long post.
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Do you still take him to PT on a weekly basis? Is the therapist specialized in torticollis? I took my son to PT twice for a month or so and weekly for about two months. We saw immense improvement after the first two weeks he was going. Is he getting a helmet for the plagiocephaly?

Yes, I take him weekly still and yes she has more than 10 years specialized in torticollis. My guys was very severe. When did your guy get diagnosed? And was yours considered extreme? I have heard if found early it gets fixed quick so that why I'm asking And no I'm not going with the helmet considering he's almost a year, financially I can't afford 4000 and my pediatrician said he should be fine without it

This is him

@Jlo he was 2 months when the conversation about PT started, started going to PT and got a helmet at 3 months and he graduated from both at 6months. I believe I have photos somewhere of what his head looked like and how much it changed.

@Ashley yes but at that age of your child it changes very quickly, especially with the helmet at a smaller age. They wouldn't garuentee that it would help him at this stage where he's at because the head of a child start to set at 1 year age. I wish I had cought it at that age sure things would have been different for him. My Dr asked me I just said I didn't know and wasn't sure but she didn't push me so I left it until I knew something was wrong.. I WISH she would have pushed:(

@Jlo the helmet is definitely pricey and a financial burden, we opted for it (his ears were uneven which meant it would always be difficult to wear glasses/hats/helmets, also one side of his face was clearly fuller

@Jlo hopefully with enough PT the torticollis should definitely disappear, I don’t know enough about kid heads to say the plagio will completely disappear (especially once sitting up and crawling instead of laying down) but it will definitely improve!

My guys' ears aren't either from what they told me, and my guys eye is a bit smaller, but I am going to see my Dr and gonna get a second opinion from another pediatrician as well. I was told it will all even out.. see the pic above. u can see it a tad on the right eye in the picture. I will see.. I'm not trying to be naive to helping my son, it's just really hard these types of places will tell you that you need the helmets also because they need to make money.. based on my pediatrician, there's a study that shows it was ineffective because the head shapes as you grow.. But I'm not saying that either just what he told us. I'm looking for a second opinion from a different pediatrician now anyway.. For therapy, I will continue and have just seen a chiropractor so not giving up that's for sure!

@Jlo second opinion is always a good idea! Hope it gets much better soon 🤍🤍

Thank you Ashley

@Jlo we have the exact same problem with our daughter. Facial asymmetry, flat head and we are desperate. She is only 5 weeks and we are doing stretches at home. We will see the pediatrician on thursday. Hopefully it will.improve..we are despearate.

The torticollis will definitely resolve. Just keep working on her the younger they are, the better and easier to resolve it, I have been at it now for 3 months. My guy is almost 1 and I'm just now seeing it getting better where his neck is longer and he's turning better but still some time to go for me. I am feeling so sad that he's not able to crawl or pull himself up yet.. I just have to remember that it will come in time. I hope your little one improves fast. My little guys eye hasn't improved though it's still the same. I'm waiting until 25th to get a second opinion.

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