Favorite floor bed setup?

Hi! First time mama here…. What’s everyone favorite floor bed setup? Side rails or nah? Our daughter is 13 months old and has pretty good body awareness/has been walking since 9 months. We have a full size mattress we want to use, but are struggling to find budget friendly options to elevate the bed off of the floor enough for proper air circulation. Thank you for any and all guidance! We appreciate it!
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Generally just getting slats to go under is enough. They also make a mesh sort of liner that is often used for RV beds. That would be perfect too if wanting to put the mattress directly on the floor. Or the ikea bed that can be used on the floor or slightly raised or as a bunk.

This us the mesh I was talking about. We used in our RV with a big heavy foam hybrid mattress and never had any issues with molding. https://www.mattressinsider.com/mattress-condensation-prevention.html

I have a tipi style floor bed. I would recommend a pool noodle under the sheet. It’s really minimised the amount of times he’s fallen out x

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