When did you stop running?

Hi all, I am 33 weeks pregnant and can’t tell whether I should keep running or not as I tend to feel a lot of pressure down there for a while after I’ve ran. It makes me feel good and I know I exercise is good for the baby. Will it also help with labour if I keep going? I was a runner before I was pregnant and have already reduced to 25 mins of walk:jog from about 28 weeks until now. When did you feel was the right time to slow down?
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I’m exactly the same! I’m 32 years weeks and a 5k is now a 3k but with slow running and then incline walks x 3

Did you stop yet or still going ? 🙂 I'm 20 weeks and already feeling the pressure down there! Did you wear a support belt?

I think ok to keep going until it feels uncomfortable. I kept going until about 36 weeks with my first.

Update on 17 days ago. Been told best to stop as I had some bleeding last week. All good. But that's me out now till end of August earliest!

I’ve just stopped running at 33wks, too much like a washing mashine and a bouncing weight on my bladder. Still doing bootcamp tho, mainly strength and resistance x

I'm at 20 weeks now and a regular runner. I started to feel some pelvic discomfort when running a few weeks ago, but then got a support belt and it made a huge difference. I managed to do a half marathon on Sunday, about 20 mins slower than before, but felt fine. I presume that at some point in future it will get too difficult though. I'm interested to know how things have progressed for everyone who is further along than me.

@Therese amazing! Keep going as long as you can! Do wonders for you towards the end and post!

@Therese pelvic floor is feeling heavy so I may need to scale back on the running sadly. What belt did you use? Is it still helping? May give that a try to get a few more weeks in haha

@Erin how far along are you now? I use a Gabrialla support belt. It's still helping at 24 weeks. It doesn't completely alleviate the issues - I have to run more slowly and a bit less frequently than before and still have a slightly heavy feeling down there with the belt on, but can still head out a few times a week and run at an easy pace with it, so it's worth it.

Hey @Therese I am 27 weeks now. Maybe I will try the belt and see but just want to protect my pelvic floor so I have a faster recovery on the other side. I have been speed walking and elliptical + weight lifting and all of that has been ok still. Just love to run but I can survive the next 3 months without if need be

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