Daughter won't let me close bedroom door

Ok, so I have a 4 year old and she will not let me close her bedroom door at night. I don't have an issue with leaving her door open as there's a baby gate there, but when she really wants to, she can climb it. My husband hates me leaving her door open and keeps telling me to put my foot down and close it, but when I do, she completely loses it and screams whilst kicking and punching the door. I have a feeling its because she's scared but he keeps telling me it's because she knows she can get her own way and makes me feel like a bad mum for not making her keep it closed. I don't know what to do? My husband and I argue so much over it because I'm adamant it's because she's scared as I was like that as a child, but he's adamant it's because I'm lazy and don't want the hassle of her screaming? Does anyone else go through this/have any advice for it?
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I remember not wanting my door closed at night as a kid bc I was genuinely scared. My boys share a room and don’t have a problem with the door being closed but they also have a night light as my 4 year sometimes gets a little bit scared of the dark. I always shut their door though bc it’s safer if there was ever a fire. If she can climb the stair gate, she’s probably a bit too old for it now. But you could maybe prepare her for having her door closed earlier that day, put in a night light, lots of reassurance. It will be tough to break but I think it’s probably a mix of both, being scared and knowing that if she screams enough you will give in. But that doesn’t mean your lazy at all, it’s hard hearing your child cry

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