Hey all!!!

Hey! Great to see you are all here exercising away!! I’m 38 and 23+5 weeks pregnant 🤰. I’m currently still going to my local gym 2/3days a week but planning on quitting at the end of this month to move back/into more a local and virtual fitness classes with an instructor who specialises in pre and postnatal exercise. How’s every else getting on, is everyone else getting the strange surprised looks that ur still exercising. X
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@HayleyHaha I haven’t noticed any weird looks yet. I’m currently 21+4 and still my pregnancy might come across as just a bigger girl as I gained +10kg already. But my friends keep on expressing their bewilderment when I go to Barry’s bootcamp, keep on running etc. Do you experience any pain when exercising?

@Kasia my friends, husband and mum keep saying take it easy, I don’t think they understand that exercise will help throughout the whole pregnancy birth and afterwards but they know I’ll do what I want and my mum especially know that times have changed since the days she drank Guinness whilst breastfeeding 😜😅😂. Although I survived 🤭. I wait for the bump to pop te he! No pain whilst exercising I just get out of breath very quickly and have 0 balance and coordination (not that I had much before x

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