I’m early pregnant

I have spotting, my sister and family has had periods when pregnant but drs are wack in my area. So they term you oh it’s a sign of miscarriage. But if ur my other family they are like it’s normal. So idk what’s going on rn. My first pregnancy I had some spotting don’t remember much of it I was always stressed out. I woke up with blood in my underwear enough to kinda fill a panty liner. Now I’m spotting and enough to wipe some off here and there.
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Do you have any cramping? I don't mean to scare you but for my last miscarriage, it started off like this. I called my fertility clinic said that some spotting was normal as long as i was not cramping. When the bleeding increased, I panicked and went to the hospital and the cramps started while I was waiting in emergency and I miscarried. Hopefully the spotting stops but if you are experience any significant bleeding increase paired with cramping, you should prepare yourself.

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