Falling asleep in Floor bed

HI mamas. My LO is 16 months and has slept on a floor bed since around 10 months. He sleeps from 7-7/7.30 most nights🙏🏻 It takes about 10-20 min to get him off to sleep. I usually lie with him/cuddle him whilst he rolls around, sometimes cries (a tired cry not a proper cry) until he eventually goes off. I just wondered what everyone else does? I’m not sure if I should be able to leave him awake by now. I imagine it’s easier in a cot as he would just get out of bed and bang on the door to come out if I left him. It’s not a huge issue, it’s quite nice having cuddles but just wondered when I should try and leave him be. TIA
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I think the point of a floor bed is that they have the option to get up and play until they feel ready to sleep. Maybe try with naps at first, make sure there are just a few safe toys available, like stuffed animals, books, anything that is quiet and promotes calm. Then let him work it out. Pick days where your schedule is flexible so if he takes a while to go down it doesnt throw the whole day off. Then once he is used to that, do the same at night. 1/2

We havent started the floor bed yet as I dont have the energy to fully reorganize and baby proof my daughters room, but I've practiced this with her in the crib too. I give her a few extra stuffies, a water bottle, sometimes a book (but she tries to rip them or eat them sometimes so we just kinda have to keep an eye on her when we try it...) and then I read to her before nap, then tell her ok it's time to lay down and take a nap. I pop her in the crib tell her I love her and walk out. I keep an eye on the monitor and tend to her if she cries, but mostly she just plays around with her stuffies and then eventually lays down and falls asleep. She is 18 mo, but I've been doing this for at least the past 2-3 months. Only 1 stuffie in there at night tho. Just this month let her have her baby blanket too. I was giving her that for naps for a while when I could watch the monitor. 2/2

My LO is 13 months. We have done a floor bed since 5 months. No crib ever. Just a bassinet before that. And he has had pillows and blankets on his bed since 10 months with no problems. He rolls around like crazy at night. I don't worry about him anymore.

I also just put him in his room for nap. Give him a kiss and leave. No lingering for nap time. I put a 10 minute timer on and usually he is out before it goes off. If he is not, I check on him, change diaper, cuddle, kiss, give milk, and then do it again. Very rarely he doesn't settle. Usually only when the day forced a 2 nap schedule and he wasn't tired enough. He does sometimes play in his room for 5-10 minutes

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