Abnormal Results

What happens at a doctor's appointment for abnormal results? Really nervous to move forward now 😔😔
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Sorry to hear you got abnormal results. It's such a horrible, scary feeling. Not sure where you're from but below is first steps in the UK 🇬🇧 They should combine you and your partners results and send these to be triaged at the fertility clinic. We have been popped on the waitlist for an appointment with a urologist (hope to hear back on how long the wait list is this week). In the meantime we were recommended Proxeed. It's worth looking into it if you feel it might help.

Proxeed men definitely help it helps my husband too. His morphology was 1 % after using it it’s came 3%

But urologist is very long wait to be honest

@J do you mind me asking how long they said the wait list was?

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