Multilingual mamas

For those that speak more than one language, how have you / plan to introduce this to your babies?
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My boyf speaks French& im intrigued how he will do this lol

I plan to speak my language exclusively to the baby and my husband will speak English.

I am and speak polish, my fiancé is British but speaks Spanish and we both speak English so we plan to talk to baby in our separate languages and when we’re together then talk English

I really want to try OPOL (one parent one language) but I'm not fluent myself. I will have my fiancés grandmother speak to the baby entirely in Spanish. I will speak to her as much as I can in Spanish. And when she's old enough I'll send her to a Spanish immersion program and or have a nanny that speaks to her only in Spanish.

I read "Biligual and Triligual parenting 101" by Ka Yee Meck, it's not too long a book and is really informative, she also recommends other books and resources. She speaks Madarin and her husband Russian and they raised 3 children in the UK to speak all three languages.

My partner is polish. He speaks polish only to my daughter and I speak English to her.

I speak 4 languages 😊

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