Hormonal mess

Honestly can’t stop crying at the minute I just keep crying at everything 😭 please tell me I’m not the only one!
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I’ve been in floooods this morning. So no you’re not alone. Sending love

@Amelia thank you 🩷 I just can’t stop it! It’s constant!

I’m the same. Generally miserable anyways but every little thing sets me off

@Amie same here to be honest x

I was the same from 28 weeks onwards kept crying over everything, like sobbing my heart out and then random fits of rage, I’m 32+4 now and it’s settled down a lot. It such another huge hit of hormones in the third trimester, if it’s taking over your life and feeling too out of control with it just mention it to your midwife, however, this was normal for me ❤️ hang in there you got this! Xxx

5 times I cried this morning before work! And to the point I had white streaks so 5 times I had to sort my makeup! This time around I’m a mess! Xx

@Emma this is my 4th pregnancy and I’ve never been so emotional before just crying at everything 😂

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