How do I enjoy music again!

I’m a first time mum, and baby is 8 months old. Honestly for months music has just been so difficult to tolerate. That’s not me! Everyone knows me as the person who is always listening to music, and often listen to songs for months before they hit the charts or find new artists. Anyone have any playlists on Spotify they can share 🤗 music taste is very random 😂 I love Queen, Indie, Rock, 80s, old school garage, RnB to dancehall/bashment and (dub reggae). 🥰
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@Nicoleta thank you! 🙏 podcast sounds interesting.

We go to a baby class called jungle boogie tots and she plays loads of rave music, it’s so much fun to have a dance with my little one! Ignore the title, it’s old but there’s lots of variety on this playlist and I always enjoy listening to it x

@Char thank you 🙏 we have been to some baby class but they just do nursery rhymes. Might see about going to +1 class (he is standing and trying to walk). X

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