Calling out boy mums! Help.

So my boy has recently found his willy and finds it hilarious. His language skills are delayed so telling him to stop is practically useless 不 I know he's exploring his body and that is fine but there's a time and a place I feel I dunno he's my first boy so this a new one for me 不
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nothing really stops them tbh 不

不不 not trying to stop him cause I know it's a natural thing just like it's blowing my mind a bit cause I don't know what to do aha cause I don't want him to feel bad for it aha

oh girl i know, mines been like that for over a year now and hes still the same with it as he was the first time i cant figure it out either just hoping he gets bored of it. eventually 不

My son is the same! He gets naked and jumps around so he can watch It

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