Nighttime Toilet Training

Is anybody's little one still not toilet trained through the night? Brilliant during the day but still a full 'bedtime pant' in the morning. Is it really biological or is there a knack to it?
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Following as also wondering the same thing 🤦‍♀️

It's hormonal, you can't teach/train night time dryness 😊,

It's hormonal. My little boy is 50/50 at 3 nearly 4 and so is my nephew at 5 nearly 6. They will get there!

My boy is 4 and got the nack for it about the age of 3, he stopped wanting pullups at night time so I used to get him to wee after story before sleep, then I would take him for a dream wee just before I went to sleep and limit the amount of fluid to only water and small amounts a couple hours before bed. He's now been doing it all himself during the night and takes a bottle of water to bed with him now for 7 months ish.

@Jess Thats amazing 🥺🥺 My little boy loves his water beside him at bedtime so that could be the issue! x

@Antonia yes possibly, maybe try explain that while he's learning it goes away or just put a small amount of water in it so it's limited? Definitely try the lifting if it's something your wanting to encourage it worked wonders for me and hv advised it. Just incase you wasn't aware aswell, juice and squash stimulates the bladder x

@Jess I'll deffo try it! As recently it hasn't been too full x And he's got daytime training to a t x He doesn't get too much squash but sometimes at dinnertime so I'll keep that in mind! x Thank you❤️ You sound like an amazing Mum to your little boy ☺️

Awh thank you so much! As do you 😊 I've sent you a message to keep in touch x

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