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Hello everyone I am 44 and looking to make friends as feeling so lonely at the moment going tho menapaue for a whike feel like I am going mad with brain fog people in work don't undstand like it onkybtye menopause I have sob Al this week just feel like am lost and going mad anyone feels the same too
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I feel exactly the same although I'm not in work as I'm looking after my grandson but I been the same, normally my mood stable but been up and down constantly recently, I'm 47 xx

Hi I completely understand I'm 53.stress seems to add to the symtoms

Hi am sorry to hear all you're going through. Yes had same at work, it's worse than thought was going to be. Feel for you.

Thanks everyone sorry for the late get back to you still. Not feeling any better hower I have been to my Dr now

I’ve seen this question posed in several groups and my question is have you gotten a blood panel done to test your hormones levels? Generally if you are peri or post menopause then it stands to reason you are producing low or no estrogen, testosterone and/or progesterone. Without these hormones your body will reek havok on you most of the time. Prople are different but what I will say is brain fog and forgetting things you normally wouldn’t could be coming from low testosterone. It will cause you literally to feel like you have dementia. It also affects your sleep, your axiety/depression, body warmth, libido and other things needed to feel like you can function normally. Low estrogen can cause hot flashes and many of the above symptoms as well. It can cause to to felt sluggish or just not your best. Progesterone supports these two and will give you the best sleep. My suggestion is to get your doctor to taet your hormone levels and possibly talk to you about hormone replacement.

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