If you've gotten your periods back has it changed from before baby? Such as heavier/lighter or longer/shorter, etc
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Definitely heavier but same amount of days. But I have zero cramping, I don’t even feel like I’m on my period when it comes. I hope it stays like this lol

@stephanie Same here!

Mine are much shorter! It used to last a full week now it has been like five days. It's still about the same flow wise - heavier the first two days and then it gets less and less the following days.

Last month I had my first one since birth. It was lighter and only one day I had cramps. I suffer from endometriosis so my periods before we're very heavy and very painful. My first one was a very pleasant experience from what I'm use to 😫 also only a couple days long. (5 months postpartum at the time)

Still heavy 😩

Still haven't had one. Idk if it's from breastfeeding or the birth control nexplanon or both combined

I’ve only had light bleeding so far. Surprised because I have the paraguard IUD and I was told to expect a super heavy period 🤔

I haven’t had a period yet, but I’m breastfeeding and on the mini pill

Before baby I had excruciating cramps and vomiting that usually lasted 6 days. After baby I have no cramps at all and last about 3 or 4 days. I’m loving it lbs.

After having 3 periods, the differences I’ve noticed is my cycle lengthened to 28 days from 21-24 days before. Just as heavy (maybe slightly more) but less clotting. Overall, I’d say some improvements but mostly the same.

@stephanie same except same about of bleeding I mean not heavier or lighter. I like the no cramp part

Shorter,lighter and cramps and because of that I was very moody.

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