Hormone imbalance? Or is this normal before and after my peroid for last 5 months I’m very dizzy and nauseous and also can make me vomit peroid very heavy day 2&3 , never had this with my other children anyone else experiencing this
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It can take a while to settle down after birth but it might be worth getting your thyroid checked, mine are a little heavy to start with now but a year before falling pregnant my periods were horrendous and it turned out I have an under active thyroid x

oh I’ll get that checked I’ll ring tomorrow to see about that , feel so rubbish leading up and after seams to be so much day 2 & 3 it’s drains me x

@Sadie hi sorry to jump on the post. What does the thyroid do to the hormones? Mines dropped dramatically and my iron levels but they're not concerned but I've had non stop periods, dizziness, bad migranes, leg aches and keep going hot and cold xx

@Jess funny you said the leg pain , I had a cramp that woke me out off my sleep and was even sore the next day 🥲 wonders what’s going on x

I had my bloods done and my thyroid level has dropped. Apparently there is a condition where this happens after pregnancy and lasts up to a year! Need to speak to the gp xx

@Jess it's very normal for thyroid levels to go all over the place after birth, mine was over active after birth. The thyroid affects absolutely everything in your body - mood, energy, sleep, body/muscle aches, headaches, temperature, there are so many symptoms. Do you know what your thyroid levels are currently? X

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