Someone help and explain please?

This has never happened to me before in the last 3 of my cycles. Can someone explain to me what's going on here? Thanks 😀
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Various reasons, one I'm going through. I been having high LH peak for 3 weeks. One you might be pregnant with twins or high LH peak means perimenopause. Ask your doctor. Hope everything is well 🤗

Not sure best wishes 🤗

It could be that your body was trying to ovulate but didn't. It looks like the LH is trying to ovulate again because of the rise. Sometimes this can happen if you are stressed, maybe traveled or if you are sick.

@Dana I’d say that’s a good LH peak, so you’ll ovulate between 12-36 hours after you got that peak reading

@Kaytlen then why did my levels decrease around 9pm tonight?

@Kaytlen wouldn’t they still be high?

@Kaytlen do you mind if I send you a private message?

@Dana your LH levels fluctuate throughout the day. You may have a shorter ovulation window too

@Dana go for it 😊

My doctor told me to test once a day, with the 2nd urine of the day. Your levels fluctuate throughout the day. And she said the 2nd urine of the day is most accurate.

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