In need of a message from the other side

Ihave been looking for someone who can read me.and give me a message from a loved one that passed to the other side....if anyone can help me I would appreciate it....lost and confused
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Hi , my name is Alita. I do Crystal intuitive readings. I started doing readings when I was in my teens. I started off with psychomotry ( reading the energy from a persons belongings). Through the years I discovered crystals and their strong energy properties as well as my ability to see pictures within them and started to use them. I do get messages from passed on loved ones. I can speak to and hear your spirit guides and guardians… and I also see spirit animals within the crystals and help you to decipher why they are coming through and what they mean in your life at this present stage. I let everyone know that I cannot make a certain person come through who has passed on but I will always be honest and when I do see any faces I will ask for clarification and messages.. at that time I can hear and speak with whoever has come through. If you want to know more feel free to contact me or look into my Facebook page “Alita Crystal Intuitive Reader” I love helping as much as I can.

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