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My friend has an 13 day old baby and she is breastfeeding her the majority of the time but will give formula before bedtime etc or some of her expressed breastmilk. Baby will be breastfeeding for over an hour but then scream the house down as if she is still hungry - latch is good and milk is in her mouth once finished. Baby will also projectile vomit after breastfeeding and when she’s given formula. My friend has been to urgent care twice now with her and was referred to dietician last night but baby is also very congested - Drs blame this on her c-section. Anyone else experienced same thing? Advice welcome please!!
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Hey its completely normal - its cluster feeding! It boosts your supply through fast phases of development

My girl projectiled until 7 months. She put on weight fine and had plenty of nappies. All totally normal. I felt that it was just because she was taking too much milk and not knowing when to stop! She's just spent 9 months being fed through a tube on a very different diet!

The combination of reflux and cold like symptoms could be an early indication of a milk allergy as is the screaming after as the milk could be hurting her belly. Get her to take dairy out of her diet for 6 weeks and as it's not much formula try the aptamil ready feeds as they don't contain the protein that causes a cows milk protein allergy. If those improve things it means baby has an allergy x

My baby used to projectile every time. You can always try having a break between feeds for a few minutes and have them upright to help digest the milk and then give them more, and also keep them upright for 10 minutes after milk so they aren’t laying back down straight after milk. My LG doesn’t do it at all now she is 5 months old but used to be so bad for it, she still however feeds every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She eats little and often and is a little chunk

She needs to stop after about 15 mins of feeding and burp the baby until baby is finished and fallen asleep, it seems like wind/reflux

Agree with the comments above about the reflux / projectile vomiting but just want to highlight again that the long periods of breastfeeding are normal. Encourage your friend to burp her regularly when breast feeding but if the baby is still showing signs of hunger, to then continue feeding. Also encourage her to try the upright koala hold when breastfeeding as this can help with any reflux. Potential CMPA does definitely need exploring with the dietician though x

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