Is anyone experiencing spotting and light bleeding throughout pregnancy so far, I’ve had an early scan a week and a half ago and everything was normal even got to see little ones heart beat they said i was between 5-6 weeks 😍 however I’m still spotting every time I wipe usually brown but this morning it was redder. It’s my first pregnancy and I’m trying not to worry but it’s so hard every time to going the bathroom I worry whats next.
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I’ve also been having brown spotting and panicked so much. Got into an early scan today - I’m 6 weeks 4 days and everything looked normal for me too! They couldn’t find a reason for spotting - many women can have a subchorionic heamatoma (like a bruise) which bleeds but they didn’t see that on me. Think it may just be hormones?!

I had a small amount of spotting in early pregnancy but I would definitely make sure the doctor knows it’s happening because it’s better to be safe than sorry

I’m at 6 weeks and have also been spotting/light bleeding throughout so far. In my case it’s because of a polyp on my cervix. It’s a fairly large one so my doc spotted it right away and advised me to stop having sex or working out as this would cause it to bleed. No harm to the pregnancy but the bleeding is always stressful :( not sure if it could be something similar but apparently spotting is rly common, hopefully you have no cause for concern ❤️🙏🏽

I just had a small bled and small clot and red when wiped yesterday which was worrying but my midwife said its a waiting game as can be normal so long as its not heavy and no big clots, should be fine. If heavy or big clots seek EPU help was what I was advised. Sounds like you are OK but I agree any blood small or not make me so anxious!

Thank you for all your responses ❤️ really appreciate it xxx

Hi I’ve been having bleeding on and off I’m 7 weeks now Had 2 scans already as I was worried because I was bleeding and each scan their was growth in between and all looked good But I can’t help but worry still because I’m bleeding It’s not a lot but makes u nervous haha I’m just going to wait to 12 weeks and hope all is good It’s hard because u just don’t know

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