Swaddle anxiety

Hi ladies, is anyone else REALLY nervous about when the time comes where your little one can’t have a swaddle no more lol or is it just me. He sleeps so deeply with a swaddle, I’ve tried the last couple of nights one arm out and he just flaps it about everywhere and it wakes him up! I’m trying to transition him out for when he starts to roll
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I was the same! My little girl loved being swaddled so was so nervous for when I couldn’t do that anymore so thought i’d start the transition pre-rolling phase. I got her a sleep bag which has compression across her chest and it’s made no difference to her sleep, maybe even made it better! There’s also ones you can get that you can slowly transition with removable arms bits so maybe worth a go? https://lovetodream.com/gb-en/all-products-uk/swaddle-up-transition-bag-early-roller-original-cotton

@Laura oh my gosh thank youuu. I’m glad you get it. He sleeps so much better when swaddled even for his naps lol

We tried one arm out last night and I ended up putting it back in as she just wouldn’t sleep 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Chelsea this is legit us 🤣

We are the same! I tried arms out last week for 1 night and was up every hour 😩 I'm dreading it

I'm currently debating the same thing! Their startle reflux, which can wake them, tends to fade around 3 months, which is around the time rolling can begin to develop.

Hang in their mommas🤣🤞🏻 @Harriet ok so hopefully I’m just trying too early!

I can't wait for her startle reflex to go 😂 the tommee tippee grobags have been a lifesaver where her arms have been pinned down. She just doesn't stay down with a cellular blanket x

@Natalie exactly the same for us really, we have the gro bags, I tried the one arm technique but he was unsettled with that x

@Adele ooh! I think I’ll be joining you on that one. I’m glad I’ve started early so I have lots of time to transition x

@Chelsea that’s my thoughts too, I just want to ease him into it x

I started by swaddling her arms up under her chin so they werent pinned down anymore.. then i made the swaddle looser a bit.. but only at the top so she could wriggle an arm out.. now she can wriggle out two Now shes fine with or without and 9/10 her reflex doesnt wake her up anymore

@Kady thank you so much ☺️

No worrriesss x

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