Tommee tippee perfect prep machine

Anyone figured out that this machine was causing issues for their LO? We’ve started doing old fashioned cool boiled water way for bottles & LO sleeping a lot longer, drinking full bottles & no colic ??
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Yes, perfect prep machines can cause lots of issues. First off it adds a lot of air to the feed. Secondly the water amount can be wrong. Thirdly it’s been found that sometimes the machine doesn’t get the water hot enough. Fourth, the lines have been found to grow mould. For some babies it works. For a lot of babies it doesn’t. We use the nuby rapid cool or hot shot method (which is basically the perfect prep but more accurate).

@Joey BC ahhh, it’s crazy!! We use the Nuby rapid cool to make it quick at night! X

I bought one and after I saw all the reviews I put it for sale on Facebook again…a lot of bacteria can build up inside it gets nasty🤢

It definitely made my LB’s reflux worse as the bottles were so bubbly! We swapped to the Nuby rapid cools and never looked back x

@Peggy that’s how we feel at the minute. Day 2 on the rapid cool & boiling water cooled down & the change is unbelievable x

Yep. My little boy ended up in hospital! The hot spot was only 54 degrees. It’s suppose to be 70! The bacteria in the formula wasn’t being killed. Never ever ever will I use a prep machine ever again!!

@Jasmine really?? Omg! That’s awful. I had noticed that some times it was a lot warmer than others. What do you use in replacement? Boiled water cooled down? X

My little boy had awful reflux and it stopped as soon as stopped using it, we just had a flask of hot water and a flask of cool boiled water, and it was so much better for him, and also quicker that way 😂

@Laura I use the nuby rapid cool but the hot shot method. 5oz boiling water in the rapid cool to cool down. 2oz boiling water in bottle, add 7 scoops formula, add cooled water from rapid cool. Perfect 7oz bottle every single time!!

What does the Nuby rapid cool look like? x

Yeah that’s what I was seeing but wasn’t sure, so you make it up in there and then pour it into a bottle? x

@𝑲𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕𝒚 no I add 5oz of boiling water to it to be cooled down. 2oz of boiling water to the bottle, 7 scoops of formula to the bottle, shake then add the 5oz from the rapid cool into the bottle. You can make up the whole formula in the rapid cool but then it doesn’t stay sterile, need to be washed after ever use and then be sterilised and also is only a one time use when out where as using it just for water you can use it over and over again xx

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