First pram ride?

How long did everyone wait to leave the house for a short round the corner pram ride after their c-section?
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2 days x

Well I had my C-Section on the Tuesday night, home Wednesday 8pm and then was out for a walk Thursday afternoon 🤣 I was food shopping by the weekend and going out walking and down the canal the week after ☺️ just do whatever you feel comfortable with, no one will be able to tell you a right or wrong answer as to when you ‘should’ do things x

@Jemima amazing. Thank you. I’m just about to leave hospital after nearly a week here (planned c-section turned into me ending up in critical care with ileus and two collapsed lungs 🙈) but I’m really hoping to get active asap cos I miss the outside world 😅

Had my c-section Thursday night, came home from hospital Saturday and went for a walk Sunday afternoon. Probably should have left it a little longer as I was exhausted after the walk, but after spending 10 days in hospital I had to get out of the house🤣

Date of discharge. Being mobile is fab for your recovery. Popping to the local shops even if it’s slow and you take rests is good for you. I went to Costco at day 5 and it felt great to be out in public. Just sat down every 30 mins for a break or a feed x

When I left the hospital my next few days was back to normal life. I had to drop SO off at work then get the kids off to school back home with the newborn . Next go around I’m getting that car seat that’s a stroller as well so I won’t have to carry car seat and stroller from car to house .

@Sam oh god! Glad you’re okay.. I have my second section booked for Friday so I’m planning on doing the same things I did first time round.. I took regular pain meds , just paracetamol and ibuprofen for around 4 weeks and then just knew to stop so halved the amount then stopped.. just listen to your body! :) x

The next day, was back doing yoga after ten days and driving

Day 4 pp 😊

8 days PP for me! Had my emergency section with complications on the Wednesday, got home from hospital on the Saturday and it wasn’t until the Thursday after that that we went for our first walk in the pram for coffee. Take as much time as you need - everyone’s recovery is different.

Listen to your body. I had an emergency section so was in hospital for a week after. When I got home, Partner asked if I’d like to come food shopping, after that I just felt like I had walked too far and over did it

It was 10 days for me. I had an emergency c section after days of a failed induction so my body was a bit exhausted x

Was born on the monday was going round tesco on the Friday 🫣😅

Heel prick test when baby was 5 days old x

Stayed in hospital for 4 days and I had to go back on day 5 for an appointment. It was great!

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Mine was an emergency c section and I went food shopping and the next day I was in pain, so I used to just walk to the shop and back which was a 5 minute walk there and back. The HV said it’s good to walk ☺️ and good to get some fresh air x

2 days :)

10 days but I only had catheter out on day 7 so was readmitted for it day 6! I was itching to go out haha. Didn't go out alone until baby was big enough for sling (9lb) which was about day 23. Because couldn't carry the pram alone. Make sure your area is flat you need to wait 6 weeks to push uphill

I think I waited roughly 2 days 😂

One week for me

Day 4 for me but it was very short lol

I had my c section on the Friday morning was released on Saturday lunchtime and I went a walk to my grandmothers that night, but I felt great after my c section. My sister just a few months after could hardly move for a week so don’t over push yourself because others did it. Take your time and go at your pace

Day 5! But don’t go alone… you’ll feel like you’re all better until suddenly you move too quick or there is a bump in the road. Literally the smallest movement will hurt

About three weeks, but I was severely swollen and actually couldn’t move LOL

I wasn't given the all clear until 14-15wks...😵‍💫😒😮‍💨😩 I lost a lot of muscle tone and put on a weight because of it. My csection scar was not fully closed until then. There was a thumbnail size opening that took forever to close . I'm trying to rebuild after it all

@Bee woah! I’m so sorry! That sounds horrific! You poor thing! X

@Sam aww thanks 😊 it's definitely been hard. But on the up and up now, hopefully

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