Hiii Mums , any idea to remove few blackheads from my baby’s face ? 😢 PLeaaase
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Will you can do us wash his face when you bathe him

Don’t, talk to your pedo

Don't worry about it, it'll fall off on its own. Just continue washing baby's face in the bath with plain water

My 1st borns skin looked just like this, I’d say it’s more likely that you’re dealing with kp. Keratosis Pilaris. Don’t attempt to pop them either way. If it’s blackheads they’ll go away. Kp messing with it will just make it worse, tubby Todd products are great or any kind of lotions that help exfoliate the skin and remove keratin plugs. Good luck Mama 💖

Tubby Todd helped with my baby’s acne

@Ashby what tf??

@Danni ❤️ I think she meant pediatrician 😅

Hydrocolloid patch, after steam and warm wash cloth.

Don't rub the warm wash cloth just gently place it on top of the section of skin, then remove the cloth. This way you open the pore but don't cause skin tears. The patch will draw it out. If it doesn't go away after a week I'd go to the pediatrician.

@Ashlea i hope so 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

I would leave it alone and not mess with them they'll go away on they own, I definitely..wouldn't start picking at any thing on my babies fragile skin... Reserve that for your face only tbh babies don't need any skin treatments unless it's doctor prescribed

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