This might be the most silliest question ever, I am currently going through the smallest period I've ever had after testing positive. So pregnant one day and period the next day.

There's literally the tiniest bit of blood, if I did a pregnancy test is there any chance it will still tell me I'm pregnant or will it be negative. I know it sounds silly cuz the only way I'll be able to find out is to do a test but still thought I'd leave this here.
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It could be implantation bleeding, or sadly it could be a chemical pregnancy. It’s worth doing a test to see but if it is a chemical pregnancy it may not test negative for a little while.

@Penny I have thought it may be a chemical pregnancy and that you have a normal period, but this is not like a normal period. It lasted a day and that was it, plus I'm getting such bad cramps and headaches

I had periods for the first two months of pregnancy. Both were very light, especially the second one. First one was likely implantation bleed but still no idea what the second one was

@Maddy it could definitely be implantation bleeding based on this description. I would wait 2-3 days and test again. If it was a chemical, it will likely be super, super light or completely negative by then and in my experience, they come with a “full period”. If it’s implantation bleeding, you might find it’s darker!

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