No Linea Nigra line yet?!

Anyone else? I’m 26+2, I thought I’d have one by now… will it come later on in pregnancy? (FTM)
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Not everyone gets it :( I was actually looking forward to getting my little mustang stripe but looks like it's a no for me

Im 26+3 weeks and I also don’t have any. My mum didnt have it either during her pregnancies. Not everyone gets it so its okay x

I was the same. I am just starting to get one and I am 27+3 xx

I’m 28+1 and don’t have one xx

I’m 28w today and I don’t have it either

I’m 29 weeks and don’t have one xx

If you have darker skin and more pigmentation in it you’re more likely to have one. I’m blonde and fair skin so have never had one.

Im 27 weeks and just starting to get one xx

I’ve had 3 other pregnancies and not once have I got one, not everyone gets them so don’t worry

I have a slight linea negra - not that dark- I’m southeast Asian, with tan skin so should be more darker - though I think it’s because I was putting coconut oil on my tummy and it kinda lightened it.

I’m 27 + 4 and haven’t got one either, third baby and honestly can’t remember having one with my other two either lol

28w1d and haven't got one, neither of my sisters developed one either so guessing its not in my genes. Although my stretch marks (or my tiger stripes as I like to call them) are definitely restretching tho, getting their pink hue back 😅

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